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Friday, January 29, 2010

Kitchen Greenhouse

Not exactly a craft, but definitely an art--which I'm still trying to get figured out...

It's seed-starting time and this year I'm excited about my indoor setup. Last year, my seedlings were tucked away on a table in the corner of my bedroom with a few UV lights and they got a little neglected. I also tried to skimp and had bought cheap soil. Not sure how much of a roll that played in the demise of dozens of tomato seedlings, but I decided not to take any chances. This year, I purchased a huge bag of good potting soil and planted four flats of seeds--that's 144 seedlings. :) Some are landscaping plants, some are vegetables. We plan to actually put some effort into landscaping our front yard this year and I'll grow as many vegetable plants as I have room for in the back. The remaining plants will go with me to the Farmers Market where they will hopefully find some good homes.

In order to give my indoor starts adequate lighting, I have used work lamps with cool spectrum UV bulbs. This year, since I had so many flats, I either needed more work lamps, or something more heavy duty. I ended up going for an actual flourescent light fixture that uses 4 foot T4 bulbs. My husband built me a great stand to hang it from and now I've got a nice lighting setup for my indoor greenhouse. I still use the work lamps to sort of "spotlight" a few areas. Ideally, I would hang a second light fixture next to the first--maybe next season.

For anyone wanting to start seedlings indoors, I buy the florescent bulbs that are labeled as "cool." I think some call them "daylight." The important part is you want one that is 6700K. This is a blue light which promotes plant growth. A lower number is a warmer light, which promotes flowering and fruiting. I was able to get my light fixture and two bulbs for $20 at Walmart.

My kids helped me plant the seeds--which was a little chaotic at times when my two-year-old wanted to help, but I am glad they are learning at a young age the love of gardening. My husband and I both grew up with parents who gardened so we never really discuss if we should garden, just where we should try to squeeze it in. It is also fun to use this as a teaching opportunity to discuss with my kids the needs of plants. Lately, most of our discussions are all about not over watering. :)

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